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Ben and Mindy Peterson

Tuesday, June 2 2015 – This is the first of seven couple portraits I made for the June 2015 edition of Women’s LifeStyle Magazine’s article “Working Together: Couples in Business” When I set out to make these portraits, I was under the impression that we would be allowed two pages for the article, including text. To my surprise we ended up giving each couple a full page, which allowed me to run huge images along with the text. I made these portraits of Ben and Mindy Peterson, owners of Cheney Place, an urban boutique event space near downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can see the full article here.


Ben and Mindy Peterson are owners of the Cheney Place, Fancy Fray, and Studio 6.23. They’ve been in business together for 9 years.


cheney - 20150521-IMG_9259

cheney - 20150521-IMG_9270

ben and mindy peterson